Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9mm ammunition shortage

9 mm ammo shortage, 9 mm ammunition shortage,  9mm ammo shortage, 9mm ammunition shortage, ammo shortage, ammunition shortageMassive "9mm shortage"!

There is a huge shortage of 9mm ammunition these days and it has been going on for months now! It looks like all the ammo companies are trying fulfill 9mm ammunition shortage contracts to the government and military before they deliver 9 mm ammunition to the stores for the consumers. This 9mm ammunition shortage is getting quite ridiculous and is the reason a lot of people are hoarding their 9mm bullets at home! In fact, it's not just 9mm that is seeing a shortage; these is an all-around ammunition shortage that we are experiencing. I haven't been seeing very many .22 LR and .223 bullets in addition to the absence of 9mm bullets! It's amazing that an ammo shortage could go on for this long!

If you are in urgent need for some "9 mm ammunition" and everywhere you look is out of it, try finding one of the online retailers or go to a local gun show. These places often have 9mm in stock, in spite of the current ammunition shortage situation.

Also, at the gun show, don't be afraid to buy "remanufactured 9mm" bullets. These work just as well, in general, as the new bullets.

Another solution to the 9 mm ammunition shortage is to learn how to make your own 9mm bullets at home. Just buy some empty shell casings, the gun powder, and some other supplies you might need for this. You will need a machine to fill the bullets properly. This will be a small initial investment, but will pay itself off and counter the 9 mm ammo shortage right away!

In summary, there are several options available to get past this 9mm ammunition shortage if you think creatively. Don't let the fact that all the stores are out of stock of all their ammunition stop you from getting your own ammo. Think outside the box and outside the ammunition shortage problem so that it is no longer a problem.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

9mm ammunition

9mm ammunition, 9mm ammo, ammunition shortage, 9mm ammunition shortage, 9mm ammo shortageEveryone these days is freaking out about finding 9mm ammunition for their "doomsday pistols". There is definitely an ammunition shortage, without a doubt! Every time I go to the store, no matter which one I go to or when I go to it, I can never find even a single box of 9 mm ammo! This shortage of ammunition is probably due to people hoarding the 9mm ammunition supply and freaking out about doomsday and end of the world nonsense.

Sometimes if you are lucky you can find a few boxes of 9mm ammunition if you come at the time of a shipment. However, don't count on ever being this lucky. I've never been. The salesman always tells me they sell out of all their 9 mm ammunition 10 minutes after they receive the shipment and have been limiting purchases to only a few boxes per person.

Another thing you might want to consider in order to purchase your 9mm ammo is to find an online vendor. Sometimes they have 9mm ammunition in stock. There is probably a 4 box (or similar number) limit, but at least you have a chance at finding a little bit of ammunition. I'm not sure which online ammunition vendors are the best, but my advice is to shop around and ask people you know what they recommend.

Hopefully this ammunition shortage will be over soon. It's a little too drawn out for my taste. LOL I just want to have my share of the ammunition for my 9mm pistol and that's it. This whole ordeal about not enough 9mm ammo is so frustrating beyond belief.